El Capitan as seen from Yosemite Valley.

El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park

El Capitan, a granite monolith towering majestically over the Yosemite Valley is one of the most impressive rock formations found anywhere on Earth. For rock climbers the summit El Capitan is a prestigious challenge. For non-climbers there are many other ways to enjoy the beauty of this formation as it’s visible from many spots in […]

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Barstow town in California.

Route 66 in Barstow, California

It seems like a journey across America does not start at the airport, nor in any big city, but in a place where you can travel the open road towards the setting sun. Route 66 legend is alive and sparks the imagination of people from around the world dreaming about journey of a lifetime. The […]

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Calico Ghost Town in California

Calico was founded in 1881 and thanks to silver mines located in its proximity it soon became one of the richest towns in the whole state of California. At its peak it was inhabited by 3,500 people and could boast several saloons, shops, restaurants, hotels and brothels. Unfortunately when the price of silver dropped from […]

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Santa Monica Boulevard.

A street in Beverly Hills

I shot a short video while riding a bicycle on the streets of Beverly Hills, a rich and affluent town located between Los Angeles and Santa Monica mountains. It’s known as home for rich and famous and thanks to a popular TV Series, 90210 became one of the most recognized post codes in the USA.

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Elizabeth Taylor's star.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

No visit to Los Angeles is complete without visiting Hollywood, which contrary to popular belief is not a separate city, but one of the districts of Los Angeles. During the last few decades entertainment industry became one of America’s main exports and it looks like whoever is a big star in America can also become […]

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Big Sur - the most interesting part of California coast.

Big Sur – central coast of California

Big Sur is one hand a very remote area, but on the other hand it’s visited by millions of people every year who are drawn by spectacular views of the Pacific ocean and Santa Lucia Mountains. California state route 1, which runs along the Pacific coast is one of the most scenic places in America […]

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The entrance to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park.

Touring Silicon Valley – Facebook

After visiting Palo Alto, the next stop of my journey across Silicon Valley was Menlo Park as I wanted to see the Facebook Headquarters located there. Facebook was founded by a Harvard University student, Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues in 2004. In just few years the website became not only the most popular social network […]

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